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The 4 Different Types of Massages and Their Health Benefits

The benefits of massage therapy a quite unexpected, luckily, massage can counteract the imbalance caused by sitting. Compressing, massaging, and manipulating the body, bones, and joints is referred to as massages. Massage techniques can range from gentle stroking to moderate pressure. Signature mas…

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The Most Important Things of Facial Treatments

Who doesn’t love to unwind? The environment, the work pressure, and our daily life activities put a lot of pressure on us. Somehow, it sucks the life out of us. It leaves us looking old, and we are always anxious and stressed out. A luxurious and relaxing spa can help you unknot.

Here at Glow Br…

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5 Amazing Hydrafacial Benefits For Your Dry Skin Face

HydraFacial is making quite a name for itself in the field of skincare and it’s not surprising that. Our facial is a revolutionary treatment that is very well-liked by Spas located in South Surrey. It is a result of using a patented Vortex-Fusion delivery method to exfoliate, extract, as well as hyd…

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